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Extra Firm Tofu (14oz) — Extra Firm Tofu is used when you want the tofu to hold its shape. Ideal for tasty stir frys , yummy stews and savory baked tofu dishes.
Firm Tofu (16oz) — Firm Tofu is the most versatile of all tofu’s that works well with any stir-fried dishes, refreshing smoothies or a healthy substitute for eggs in cooking and baking.
Soft Tofu (16oz) — Soft Tofu is best used for crumbled or scrambled tofu salad or for juicy tofu burger patties. Finely crumbled, it is a great substitute for ricotta cheese in dishes like lasagna.
Soft Tofu (12.3oz) — silky light smoothness with a medium firm body. Great for stir-fry, steaming, deep frying, and even for a scrumptious tofu dessert.
Silken Tofu (16oz) — Silken Tofu is very light and delicate. It is great for pureed sauces and hearty soups. Also ideal for delightful dessert puddings or heavenly pie fillings
Organic Tofu (14oz) — Our Organic Tofu is made with top of the line USDA approved non-GMO soy beans. It is a great source of protein without any preservatives.
Onion Sprouts — Onion sprouts are miniature scallions that the onion seed produces. Onion sprouts are full of Vitamins A, B, C, and E and are very rich in proteins which is very rare for such sprouts.
Bean Sprouts — Bean sprouts are tender edible shoots of germinated beans. The slightly crunchy texture and sweet flavor makes them a popular addition to any assortment of dishes.
Clover Sprouts — Clover sprouts looks like a better alfalfa sprouts and has a mild sweet flavor. These clover sprouts are extremely delicious and is a slightly sweet alternative to alfalfa sprouts.
Soy Bean Sprouts — Soy Bean Sprouts are best utilized in soups. These famously nutritional rich sprouts are best cooked or used in soups.